FRP Pressure Vessels

FRP Pressure Vessels

We ARDIS ENVIRO is a sister company of ANU ADVANCE COMPOSITE PRODUCTS PVT LTD (AACP) are engaged in manufacturing and supplying of ALFA ≈ AEROSOL FRP vessels which are ideal for different water treatment products. AACP is equipped with latest research facilities to produce FRP Pressure vessles / FRP Tanks, developed indigenously replacing products of highly priced.

ALFA ≈ AEROSOL FRP Pressure Vessels have been the industry standard for quality and performance for over 15 years. Featuring a one piece, seamless high density polyethylene liner and an encapsulated, leak free engineered polymer inlet, ALFA ≈ AEROSOL Vessels are designed to provide you with years of worry free performance.

FRP Pressure Vessel manufactured by us are made from high performance composite material. Tested for over 2,50,000 cycles, they prove strength to withstand pressures as high as 10 kg/cm2 without any structural damage.

Being immune to most chemicals, our FRP vessels can be used practically for any water treatment application. Our rage of FRP vessels is known for its features such as Economical Price, Durability, and Efficiency. Offered in different dimensions, we also customize these vessels as per the requirement of our clients

Design Parameters

Minimum burst at 600 psi
Minimum burst at 600 psi
Safety factor – 4:1
Safety factor – 4:1
Tested to 250,000 cycles without leakage
Tested to 100,000 cycles without leakage

Salient Features

Pressure tanks are made of high performance Composite material with FRP filament winding.

Designed to withstand 250,000 times of cycle test from 10 psi to 150 psi withstanding pressure. Burst test to four times its operating pressure.

All pressure tanks, residential and commercial, are made by a complete seamless molding technology.

All thread inlet made from 30 % glass filled Noryl provides higher strength, temperature and pressure limits versus glass filled PE.

Liner wall thickness available from 5.0mm to 12mm corresponding to the tank diameter.

Top opening type available for 6” through 36”diameter pressure tanks; top and bottom opening type available for 14” through 36” diameter pressure tanks.

Reinforced composites are one third the weight of steel tanks.

All pressure tanks are 100% corrosion resistant.

Easy Installation and low maintenance.

Flange adaptors and reducers are available

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FRP Pressure Vessel Drawing