FRP Pressure Vessel Filter

FRP Pressure Vessel Filter

An FRP pressure vessel filter is used for water treatment in residential and light commercial applications. These are small, compact, and light vessels that can be used in projects that require a lot of flexibility. These devices are easy to mount and are available in many variations according to the user’s requirements.

Ardis is one of the leading manufacturers of FRP pressure vessel filter in India with 15 years of rich experience in this field. Our filters are made of high-performance composite material with FRP filament winding. It is designed to withstand 250,000 times cycle test from 10 psi to 150 psi withstanding pressure. All thread inlets are made from 30 % glass filled Noryl that provides higher strength, temperature and pressure limits versus glass filled PE. . The components of the device are non-reactive and can be used to treat any type of water without the worry of an unwanted chemical reaction. That’s not all; liner wall thickness is available from 5 mm to 12 mm corresponding to the tank diameter. These tanks are corrosion-free too.

The devices are made in our manufacturing plant which houses the latest equipment and machinery. We adhere to strict protocols and quality parameters to ensure the filters are as per the specification of our customers. We produce not only standardised products but also cater to the individual needs of our customers. Our R&D; team evaluates every aspect of the device to ensure the product is safe and functional. At Ardis, we are committed to delivering quality products that will not only meet every requirement but also provide them for a very competitive price.

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