Fish Pond Aerator

fish pond aerator is an important part of any aquaculture initiative without which good produce could become a challenge. The main purpose of a fish pond aerator is to mix oxygen into the water which helps in replenishing the oxygen content in the pond water. An aquaculture pond has a high concentration of fish, aquatic plants and other micro-organisms which consumes the oxygen at a much faster rate than it can be replenished. As a result, the fish pond aerator becomes handy in this case. There are various models of this device available in the market subject to the customer’s requirement. Ardis is one of the leading companies that manufacture many varieties of this device to suit the customers’ requirements.

The Paddle wheel Aerator is a new device invented by scientists to improve the oxygenation of ponds and aquariums. Such devices have previously been used for human activities such as diving, but are now being applied to fish farming. The manufacturing plant is equipped with the latest research facility and advanced machinery to produce the device. All the products are developed in-house and designed adhering to international standards to give better performance and durability to the products. At Ardis, better quality need not translate into more cost. We have an R&D; team that works tirelessly to review the products and the manufacturing processes, a leadership team that consists of technocrats, and a team of sales and management professionals who work closely with the clients to forge strong alliances that will last years.

1 hp 2 Paddle Wheel Aerator

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