Solar Paddle Wheel Aerator in India

Solar Paddle Wheel Aerator in India

Solar paddle wheels are a form water treatment system designed for the water purification and better quality of water in rivers and lakes. It uses solar energy as a power source that has a low operating cost and uses clean energy to do the task. It is particularly useful in aquaculture where it helps in replenishing oxygen into the water. Ardis is one of the leading manufacturers of solar paddle wheel aerator in India. Our products are indigenously designed and produced on our massive 20,000 sq. ft. shop floor. We use only the best technology to produce our goods. We also adhere to various international standards to make our products better and more durable.

In addition to the technical know-how we have developed over the years, our core focus lies in understanding our customers’ requirements and working on delivering the right solution for them time after time. Our R&D; team strives to build products that exceed our customers’ expectations by taking feedback and applying it to the products. We are continuously working on bettering our offerings to our valued customers. That being said, we also understand the need to keep costs minimal for our customers. And for these reasons, we are without a doubt one of the top makers of solar paddle wheel aerator in India.

The solar paddle wheel aerator has several benefits for those who use it including increasing the efficiency of manual labor, saving money on electricity bills, and reducing noise pollution as well as carbon emissions from diesel generators. It also helps reduce erosion caused by heavy rainwater by raising the water level but doesn’t require any human effort in order for it to operate.

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