Paddle Wheel Aerator price in India

Paddle Wheel Aerator price in India

The most competitive paddle wheel aerator price in India is at Ardis! We are one of the leading manufacturers of paddle wheel aerators with a variety of models to suit a wide range of requirements. Our products are indigenously designed and produced on our massive 20,000 sq. ft. shop floor. We use only the latest technology to produce our goods. We also adhere to various international standards to make our products better and more durable. Our products are tested rigorously before it is sent out of our manufacturing plants. The device can work both in high and low voltage, it also comes with a mechanical seal to prevent oil leakage, and its spare parts can be procured easily.

At Ardis, we invest much of our effort in R&D; where the concerned team ensures our products and manufacturing processes are in place and how we can improve it over time. Additionally, the R&D; team takes the time out to listen to the clients and understands their concerns and feedback so we can make better products. While being engaged in all of this we make sure that the cost remains nominal and can be afforded by all businesses; big and small. Last but not the least; our team is led by technocrats who started this business with a vision and an objective to provide the best solutions to aquaculturists across the globe. So, the next you look for a solid and the most competitive paddle wheel aerator price in India.

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