FRP membrane housing suppliers

FRP membrane housing suppliers

Ardis is one of the leading FRP membrane housing suppliers in India with a wide range of products that can be customized as per specifications. FRP membrane housing is designed for cartridge filters used in reverse osmosis pre-filtration systems. Its easy-to-use, low maintenance and high resistance to chemicals and corrosion make it highly sought-after among users across the globe. At Ardis, these devices are built to maximize the performance of water treatment and purification systems. They can meet specific project requirements and it is possible to adapt all the connections, working strain, measurements, internal and external finishes to fit individual needs.

Production of these devices is done in our manufacturing plant which houses the latest equipment to undertake the task. Our production staff adheres to strict regulations and protocols to ensure every product is made-to-order. The membrane housings are tested at the factory 1.5 times their actual working pressure and these Membrane Housings are suitable to accommodate international standard makes of membranes. Life Cycle tests are conducted on every batch. This ensures the functionality and safety of the devices for our customers. Additionally, our customer engagement team works closely with our clients to get feedback and address any concerns they may have so that we can incorporate them into our products and manufacturing processes. We strongly believe technology and customer engagement goes hand-in-hand to establish strong alliances that will last years.

Ardis is the best FRP membrane housing suppliers. FRP membrane is commonly used in industrial applications, and you’ll find it has many uses in construction, transportation and oil refining. With these common applications, it’s important to make sure you have access to the right type for your needs.

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