2 hp 8 paddle wheel aerator (Gear wheel)

///2 hp 8 paddle wheel aerator (Gear wheel)

2 hp 8 paddle wheel aerator (Gear wheel)

Oxygen transfer rate : 5 kg/h
Power Consumption : 3.2 Amps
Input power : 440 volts 50 Hz
Motor :Submersible
Gear wheel : 1:10 reducer

* 100 % virgin Material is used.
* All the components are manufactured in India.
* 1 yr replacement warranty on all products other than motor.
* Highly power efficient system.
* low maintenance cost.

Product Description

2 HP 4 Paddle Qty.
Floats HDPE 3
2 HP Motor Submersible 1
Gear Wheel 1 : 10 reducer 1
Impellers PPCP 8
Frame SS 304/FRP 1
Shaft SS 304 1
Shaft Supporter NYLON 4
Nuts & Bolts SS 304 1 set

Working Principle:

High speed working impellers splash the water into the air, this splashing water mix the oxygen in The air and be brought into the water
The dissolved oxygen in the water increase
The working impellers produce waves and currents, which make the saturated ammonia, CO2
Methane, Sulphuretted Hydrogen, etc. go out of water and improves the water quality

Other detail:

Our Paddle wheel aerator are improved & produced according to international standards
High efficient electric motor with low power consumption and metal gear system
This electric motor works in low & high voltage
Langley SS frame or FRP frames holds the aerator very stable & Performance is achieved
All ‘UV Resistance’ plastic parts are used for better life in sunlight also harmless for aqua animals
All the spare parts are available and can be procured easily